About Hodor
Hodor is mostly a PvE oriented guild located on the EU megaserver and part of the Ebonheart Pact Faction. We have the ambition and talent to compete on the leaderboards against the EU and NA guilds. We hold the following ESO Records: World's 1st clear of SO Speed Run, 2nd World SOHM, World's Best times in HRC/AA up to this day, World 1st vDSA.Best EU times every patch since vDSA is out.  Although we are mainly a PvE focused guild , from time to time we dabble in PvP also.

Recruitment requirements:

• VR16 Character ready for end-game content. Champion Points 350+
• No assosiation with other rival guilds.
• Perfect knowledge of all the trials encounters is a major plus.
• Be 18y.o. + with  mature behaviour (Drama queens are not tolerated in our guild).
• Be respectful towards the guild members and all other players (The way a person behaves always reflects on his guild's image).

♦ Active Guildleaders and officers:   @DrugControl / @EgoRush / @Ballehalle /

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PTS Update 7: Hodor clears vet. WGT and ICP

by D3usEX, 124 days ago

After a whole sleepless night we finally managed to clear both new dungeons in ESO Update 7: vet. Imperial City Prison and vet. White Gold Tower. Thanks to all who participated in this adventure.

Vet. White Gold Tower

Vet. Imperial City Prison



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Finally SOHM conquered. Congrats to everybody!

by D3usEX, 306 days ago

Finally we did it guys. 1.5.X Hodor adventures came to and end with success! Congrats to everyone.

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Hodor Gets the World Best Times in All End Game Content

by Teh_Magnus, 316 days ago

We have done it!

After lots of hardtry, Hodor guild has at last managed to conquer all of the end game content Zenimax has introduced in The Elder Scrolls Online, thus getting the world records of:

Hel Ra

Aether Archive



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