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Hodor is mostly a PVE oriented guild located on the EU megaserver and part of the Ebonheart Pact Faction. We have the ambition and talent to compete on the leaderboards against the EU and NA guilds. We are currently ranked 3 in Hel Ra and 6 in Aetherian Archive on the EU Server, however we haven't ran either since 1.3 to attempt to beat these times. Although we are mainly a PVE focused guild a few of our members dabble in PvP.

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World First Clear Dragonstar and winning ZOS Challenge

by TheMast3r, 28 days ago

Congratz to HODOR for the World First Clear of Dragonstar Arena Normal Mode and Veteran Mode


Link Official ESO Forum


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# 1 Time Ebonheart and # 2 Time Europe Hel Ra Trial (1.1.5)

by TheMast3r, 105 days ago

16 Min clear Hel Ra by Hodor

After No. 1 time Ebonheart and No.9 time Europe past patch in AA we made a good run today in Hel Ra. It is definitly the best time in Europe after Patch.

Good job and gz everybody ...

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